Your friendly, neighborhood Shanel here to introduce myself:  

I am an actor, voice over artist, model, wardrobe supervisor, who stage manages.

I love Billy Joel and aerial hammock.

I have lived in New York since 2017; however, due to Covid, I've moved to the greater Boston area.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida, I am fireguard certified (F03), and I am an active member of the Equity Membership Candidate Program (12 points) as well as IATSE Local 306.

I also do a great Robert De Niro face.




I was asked to film a side for the role of Secret Agent Myles in the upcoming streaming series 'St. Gabriel'.  Please enjoy my audition of the undercover FBI agent who "does not handle failure".


In the last week of January, I filmed the sides for a web series entitled "Better Psychiatric".  I was invited to submit a callback earlier this month. 

Please enjoy this delightfully quirky character called Dr. Greta!




Shanel Sparr​

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Thanks for submitting!